Food Compliance IntERNATIONAL advises major international groups, medium-sized companies and trade associations in the food and beverage industries

Food Compliance International provides regulatory services in the fields of food, nutrition and other consumer goods. Food Compliance Int. combines consultancy practice and access to strategic information hubs in Europe, Asia/Pacific and the US, offering an integrated service which merges regulatory excellence with business counseling, consultancy and public affairs activities.

Since 2004, our team has developed significant expertise in nutrition policy and regulation, a specialized area within food regulations which deals with the marketing of innovative or “functional” foods and drinks. Our experience includes regulation and policy (free movement of goods), food labeling and advertising issues (health and nutrition claims), product registration (novel foods, food supplements, food for special medical purposes, cosmetics, etc.), and product liability (withdrawals, recalls), among others, with particular focus on innovative foods and drinks.









Food Compliance Int. in a nutshell

We have also an extensive practice in the assessment of the composition and labeling of cosmetic products, medical devices and household products. We advice on consumer protection matters, including product safety, data protection, distribution, including MLM, or enforcement of consumer rights

We believe that our food supplements practice is unrivaled. Also, our expertise in health and nutrition claims, food labelling, application of the mutual recognition principle and novel foods is among the best in the EU.

Founding partner Sebastián Romero Melchor has a substantial experience in EU regulatory matters, after serving in the European Commission and top-tier international law firms in Brussels. With more than a decade of exclusive dedication to food and nutrition regulation and policy matters, Sebastián is widely known in the industry as one of the leading professionals in the food and nutrition regulation and policy arena in the EU. 

Sebastián is joined by former DG SANCO legal expert Lara Skoblikov, and former Belgian Ministry of Health botanical expert Joris Geelen. The multidisciplinary team of international consultants and scientists has around 30 years of combined experience working with the world's leading global food and beverage companies.