chia seeds

Chia seeds now authorized in fruit juices by Sebastian MELCHOR

Following a recent decision by the Irish competent authorities, chia seeds can now be used in fruit juices and fruit juices blends at up to 15 g/450 mL. Even if the decision is addressed to the applicant, any food operator can now market juices following the decision, under the following conditions:

This is the second extension of use of chia (Salvia hispanica), after a Commission Implementing Decision of 22 January 2013 authorized its use in the following product categories:

  1. Baked products: not more than 10 %
  2. Breakfast cereals: not more than 10 %
  3. Fruit, nut and seed mixes: not more than 10 %
  4. Pre-packaged Chia seed as such: not more than 15 g per day