Statistical Analysis of Unqualified Wines Entering China in 2018 / by Nikolaas Tilkin-Franssens

According to the information on unqualified foods that were not allowed to enter China from January to December 2018 issued by the General Administration of Customs, Global Foodmate found that 36 batches of unqualified imported wines were not allowed to enter in 2018, with a gross weight of 63,802 kg.

Unqualified wines that were not allowed to enter the country were from 8 countries or regions, including France, Italy, Chile, Australia, Spain, Germany, the United States, and Moldova. Among them, the most unqualified wines from Moldova (12 batches), followed by 7 batches from France and 5 batches from Spain.

Unqualified reasons mainly were over-scope use of food additives, inconsistent goods, unqualified labels, unqualified packaging, sorbic acid and its salts do not meet the requirements of national standards, ochratoxin A exceeds the standard, and the quality is unqualified. Among them, half of the total unqualified wines (18 batches) were due to the unqualified packages.

These unqualified wines were mainly refused for entry at Jiangsu Port, Shanghai Port, Guangxi Port, Shenzhen Port, Tianjin Port, Zhejiang Port and Zhuhai Port. Among them, Jiangsu Port detected the most unqualified wines, with 16 batches.

The General Administration of Customs stated that the wines were not allowed to enter the country have been returned or destroyed at the port.

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