Summary of Infant Formula Products Changes / by Nikolaas Tilkin-Franssens

According to the change information of infant formula products issued by the National Medical Products Administration, as of March 20, 2019, Global Foodmate summarised, a total of 55 factories and 330 formulas approved for change. Among them, there are 47 domestic factories with 300 formulas; 8 overseas factories with 30 formulas; 56 formulas for goat milk powder and 274 formulas for milk powder.

According to the statistics of the changes that have been released, the changes in infant formula products mainly include changes in labels, shareholders, and product names. 114 recipes involve corporate change, 100 recipes involve label changes, 45 recipes involve company name changes, 20 recipes involve changes in production addresses, 7 recipes involve product name changes, and 6 involve production process changes.

Among the label changes, 14 recipes involved changes in content claims, 7 recipes related to functional claim changes, 33 trademark changes, 41 graphic changes, and 20 recipes for other changes (certification project changes, product description changes, etc.).

Analysis of the change found that the infant formula product changes are mainly label changes and corporate changes. The label changes mainly involve graphic changes and trademark changes in the main display layout and non-main display layout. The nutrition claims are changed less, accounting for about 17% of the label changes.

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