Consumer protection is one of the main policy objectives of the EU. The EU prides itself with offering a high level of consumer protection to a vast number of consumers. While the EU has successfully implemented a common minimum denominator across its Member States to protect consumers, Member States still have a wide margin of discretion to enact stricter rules for the protection of their national consumers.



The EU promotes consumer protection by focusing on three aspects:

1. Product safety, to improve product safety, the EU has implemented sophisticated product identification and traceability measures. In addition, the Commission has adopted measures to reinforce the safety of the food chain, or of cosmetic products.

2. Information to the consumer, by means of strictly regulating labelling, advertising and issuing information campaigns. 

3. Enforcement of consumer rights. Enforcement takes place at Member States level, but the national consumer protection authorities have recently intensified their cooperation by carrying out coordinated actions against breaches of EU consumer law. Consumers have specificly tailored means to achieve redress in the EU, such as consumer arbitration mechanisms.

Success Stories

We advised a large EU food producer on their advertising strategies on the TV, YouTube and the internet
We represented a US company in performing a systematic review of their website, including the Terms & Conditions of their sales which are addressed at EU consumers of different EU Member States