our scientific committee

A sound food regulatory advice needs a solid scientific background. We work together with a group of highly regarded scientists in filing applications for the use of novel foods, for the authorization of health claims, to introduce a new additive or simply to offer our clients a solution for their technical challenges. We also cooperate with former EU high ranking officials who have authored some of the most relevant food regulations in the EU, and which have formed the basis for national laws in many jurisdictions around the world. Contact us at science@foodcomplianceint.com for more insight to our scientific capabiliites.

andreu palou oliver

Professor,  Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Biotechnology of the University of Balearic Islands (UI, Spain) (1995 - ).Member of the CIBERobn Governing Board (2010 - ). 12y work experience (1997-2009) as member and vice-Chair of the Scientific Committe on Food (SCF) and of the EFSA Nutrition Panel dealing mainly on Novel Foods (NF) and Health Claims (HC), and Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Agency of Food Safety and Nutrition (2003-10). Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Technologically-based spin-off Alimentomica S.L.(2011-) for R+D+I on functional foods, novel foods and health claims.

Luis González Vaqué

Former Adviser in the DG for Internal Market and Services, European Commission, Brussels (Belgium), Luis was the Head of the Unit "Removal of trade barriers for goods". Before joining the European Commission, he was Chief of the Food, Plant and Animal Law Services of FAO, in Rome (Italy). He has served in several Working Parties relating to free movement and environmental affairs and is founder of the "Asociación Iberoamericana para el Derecho Alimentario" (Buenos Aires) and the “China-European Union Working Party”. He is a food law professor in several universities in Spain and Italy.


catalina picó segura

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB) and assistant director of the LBNB. Member of the Scientific Committee of the AECOSAN (2011-2015). Her research focuses on the interaction between diet and genes (nutrigenomics), epigenetics and metabolic programming of obesity, the relationship between diet and health, and on the identification of new health biomarkers. Deputy coordinator of the BIOCLAIMS project (2010-2015).





Chlodwig Franz

Prof. emeritus and Head of the Institute for Applied Botany and Pharmacognosy, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Austria (1985-2012) and Head of the Division Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Production, Faculty of Agronomy and Horticulture, Techn. University Munich, Germany (1978-1985). His research focused on biodiversity, genetics and breeding of medicinal and aromatic plants; the quality assessment of herbal materials, herbal drugs and plant food supplements; poisonous plants; functional plant products in human and animal health care as well as in phytotherapy.

m. luisa Bonet piña

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Senior researcher and scientific secretary of the LBNB. Her research focuses on the molecular and cellular basis of body weight and adiposity control and its interaction with food bioactive components; nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutriepigenetics; relationship between diet and health; and functional foods for the control of obesity and its associated complications.  

francisca serra vich

Professor of Nutrition and Food Science (UIB). National Expert at the General Office of Science, Research and Development, European Commission (Brussels) (1997-2000). Her research focuses on the molecular basis of Nutrition. R&D director of the first spin-off of the UIB (Alimentomica S.L.).